About Me

  My name is Mike Turner and I live in Laurinburg NC. I have always loved music and working with my hands using my creative energies. I also have a great passion for nature. My desire is to create the best instrument at a reasonable price that will last you many years. I take great pride in what I do so if a flute doesn’t pass my inspection it never leaves my shop.

05/28/18 New flutes available.I have several new flutes available.A beautiful unique Mojave 6 in a special wood.Plus several others.Contact me if you are interested.I will try to post some pictures asap but have been very busy!

***(9/25/2018) Sorry my website needs some work.Please contact me if you have questions about my flutes.I have several very nice ones for sale.

My Flutes

  My flutes are a modern day version of an ancient instrument. I bore my flutes from a solid piece of wood. Occasionally I will do a branch flute if I find a branch I like. I mainly use woods that are native to North America, but do use some exotics also. They can be made with a smooth mouthpiece or a notched one similar to the shakuhachi.Want a picture of my mouthpiece design?  Just email me.After much experimenting I have come to a mouthpiece that is as easy to play as possible.

  The flutes I make are all rim blown. They are hard to learn, but once you do the rewards are worth it.

  • Pueblo style in several keys 
  • Mojave 4 or 6 hole 
  • Megan Avot (The Megan Avot flute is a 3/4" bore rim-blown with a scale of C# D E E# G A A#)

  ***A lot of credit has to be given to Michael Graham Allen (Coyote Oldman). I have always loved his flutes and have been a student of his work. Thank you Michael for doing the research and the homework, blazing the trail for us who aspire to be  flutemakers or players of this amazing ancient instrument!

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