05/28/18 New flutes available.I have several new flutes available.A beautiful unique Mojave 6 in a special wood.Plus several others.Contact me if you are interested.I will try to post some pictures asap but have been very busy!

AVAILABLE FLUTES Message me and Ill send you pics

1.Ab Anasazi in red flamed box elder

2.Low G in extremely figured and beautiful tiger maple (Large 1" bore flute)

3.Low F# in elm for a left handed player (Large 1" bore flute)

4.Blue dyed poplar Mojave 6
5.A Very Special Mohave 6

6 Olive wood Megan Avot with a little  turquoise inlay.

7 Poplar Megan Avot



                          Megan Avot flute in Poplar


              Low G (1" bore) in Select Curly Maple

                              $280 Available

                 Megan Avot flute in Redheart with plain rim


           Elm Low F# (1" Bore Flute) This is a large flute!
                                Available   $275

             Ab in Persimmon Wood for Lefthanded Player                                                 $225 Available                  

           Ab in Zebrawood for Right handed player
                                $225 Available