7/10/17 New flutes available.

Beautiful persimmon,quarter sawn sycamore ,curly maple and red flamed boxelder woods used in different keys plus more.Pictures to be posted soon!



                          Megan Avot flute in Poplar


              Low G (1" bore) in Select Curly Maple

                              $280 Available

                 Megan Avot flute in Redheart with plain rim


           Elm Low F# (1" Bore Flute) This is a large flute!
                                Available   $275

                    "B" Pueblo Style in Eastern Red Cedar

                                      Available  $170


             Ab in Persimmon Wood for Lefthanded Player                                                 $225 Available                  

Low F# Anasazi and Lost Tuinng Flutes
           Ab in Zebrawood for Right handed player
                                $225 Available